Aclar® Barrier Films

Clear PCTFE high moisture barrier films for blister packaging

Honeywell Aclar® clear barrier films have been the industry leader and trusted choice in PCTFE high moisture barrier pharmaceutical and medical packaging for more than 40 years. Aclar thermoform films help manufacturers avoid failed stabilities from package integrity, while creating attention-grabbing, differentiated and economical packaging for shelf appeal and marketing advantage.

From blister packaging design services to sample film material for evaluation, we are here to help you get critical medication to market. Included in our service commitment is the Aclar® Barrier Films Rapid Response Support Services. Within 24 hours, we will reply to your urgent request for services and support. Find out if you can reduce your pack size by up to 55% to reduce raw film or foil material, warehousing expense and transportation costs.

Honeywell is your partner in delivering safe and effective drugs to patients via package integrity and stability. Is your package design suitable? Find out here.

The Aclar Line Includes

Aclar® Accel™ Standard Blister Packaging Barrier Films

Aclar Accel™ 5400 (5.4mil)

Aclar Accel™ 5400 (5.4mil) is designed for opaque laminates and offers improved total cost effectiveness compared to Cold Form Foil (CFF). Aclar Accel addresses the market need for different price point options combined with faster delivery times.

Aclar Accel™ 1700 (1.7ml)

Aclar Accel™ 1700 (1.7ml) is a cost-effective transparent film in the high moisture barrier range and is an appealing alternative to High Barrier (HB) PVdC. Aclar Accel 1700 offers different price points with faster delivery times due to creative manufacturing approaches that net the same quality you’ve come to expect from Honeywell.

Aclar UltRx

Aclar UltRx are PCTFE homopolymer, high performance barrier films for the pharmaceutical and medical markets. They thermoform well on conventional blister packaging equipment and provides the best barrier of any clear film:

Aclar Rx

Aclar Rx are PCTFE homopolymer, high-performance barrier films for the pharmaceutical and medical markets:

  • Aclar Rx160 is a 0.60 mil (15 µm) offers all the benefits of Aclar® films where barrier considerations are less demanding.
  • Aclar Rx20e is a 0.78 mil (20 µm) thermoforms on conventional blister packaging equipment and offers all the benefits of Aclar® in a mid-range barrier material.

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