Custom wax lubricant solutions for rigid PVC processing

Honeywell RHEOCHEM™ lubricants are innovative, custom additive technology used primarily for processing rigid PVC extrusion and injection molding. These specialty lubricants offer chemistries with blends of paraffin and hydrocarbon waxes, fatty acid esters and amides, specialty stearates, and oxidized or non-oxidized low molecular weight polyethylenes to help reduce sticking.

RHEOCHEM lubricant systems include the RL, TLP and HPL base product lines that are then customized to meet individual requirements and equipment. In fact, customers net 10-20 percent more product out of their extruders using RHEOCHEM paraffin-based formulations. These consistent and tailored solutions enable our customers to reach peak production, get superior product performance and have reduced operating costs in comparison to other products on the market.

Largely serving the housing market, RHEOCHEM is commonly seen in construction settings with vinyl pipe, windows, profiles and siding extrusions.

The Rheochem line includes

The following base families of products that are customized to client specifications

HPL Series

HPL Series is for customers who prefer packaged lubricant additives blended with a proprietary paraffin replacement. It is used in internal and external functions and promotes PVC compound fusion and stability with increased output rates, lower melt temperature, reduced plate-out and scrap rates, improved color hold, and a wider processing window. Read the product brochure.


TLP Series

TLP Series of reacted blends of paraffin-polyethylene-CaSt are for customers who prefer packaged lubricant additives. It is used in internal and external functions and promotes PVC compound fusion. Ask us about TLP2030 today. This custom blend includes calcium stearate, paraffin and OPE in a single lubricant package to ensure convenience, less weighing error, better inventory control, and fewer weigh stations for cost savings.

FLP Series

FLP Series is a subset of the TLP Series used for highly filled sewer pipe. It offers better dry powder flow.


RL Series

RL Series is a basic blend of paraffin-polyethylene waxes for customers who blend individual lubricant additives. Its primary use is external. Ask us about RL165 and RL 410 today.


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