HFOs (hydrofluoroolefins) are a type of environmentally friendly refrigerants that have low or non flammability, lower global warming potential (GWP) and negligible ozone depletion potential (ODP), making them a safer, more sustainable alternative to historically used substances.As a refrigerant, you can find Honeywell’s HFOs in essential modern conveniences like heatpumps, air conditioning systems and commercial cooling installations. More than just refrigerants, HFOs can be used as high-performance blowing agents for spray foam insulation.Honeywell’s HFOs are innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to a host of heating, cooling and high technology needs that our society relies on, and have even broader emissions reduction potential in areas ranging from metered-dose inhalers to home and commercial insulation.HFOs also serve as an alternative to other, more dangerous refrigerants such as ammonia (toxic) and propane (highly flammable). In many applications, HFOs can also be a more efficient or lower energy demanding alternative to CO₂, which has a significantly higher energy usage per installation, particularly in high ambient temperatures.**Petersen, M.; Pottker, G.; Sethi, A.; Yana Motta, S. F.; Refrigerants with Low Environmental Impact For Commercial Refrigeration Systems; International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference; Paper 1882; 2018; https://docs.lib.purdue.edu/iracc/1882 

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