Enovate® Blowing Agent

Use less Enovate 245fa for equivalent properties to HCFC-141b foams

Honeywell is a global leader in sustainable foam blowing agent technology. Enovate® 245fa HFC blowing agent is a liquid hydrofluorocarbon, which has been developed as a blowing agent for rigid insulating foams. It is a nonflammable liquid and non-ozone-depleting with ultra-low GWP. It offers proven, long-term insulating performance and excellent materials compatibility.

Beyond developing a formulation to help stay ahead of changing environmental regulations, Honeywell Enovate® 245fa blowing agent is a replacement for HCFC-141b. HFC 245fa allows you to use 30% less blowing agent to achieve equivalent properties to foam made with HCFC-141b. 

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