Cohesa® Emulsions

Optimize performance and solve crucial challenges of water-based adhesives, coatings and inks

Honeywell Cohesa® products are high-solids copolymer-in-water emulsions formulated with low or zero surfactant content. They are used as a performance additive in a broad range of waterborne formulations to improve technical characteristics and achieve optimum performance in inks, coatings, adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), including tape and labels.

Stable in low- and high-shear PSA processes, Cohesa emulsions work like associative thickeners, have minimal substrate penetration and are partially hydrophilic with high solids. The products improve cohesion, adhesion and peel strength. They also lend well to bonding with low-energy and flexible substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

The Cohesa® line includes

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