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Spectra Shield®

Lightweight bullet-resistant materials for body armor, helmets, vehicles and more

Honeywell Spectra Shield® ballistic materials have been protecting military and law enforcement personnel for more than 30 years. Specially designed for people exposed to the most critical work situations, these high-performance composites are both comfortable and flexible. Using Honeywell’s patented unidirectional Shield technology, Spectra Shield® body armor, helmets and vehicle armor enhance ballistic properties, including stopping power, and are manufactured under a comprehensive quality control process.

Spectra Shield® materials deliver some of the most efficient protection available today and are used to meet extreme conditions, performance and weight requirements. Spectra Shield contains Honeywell Spectra® fiber, which is pound for pound up to 15 times stronger than steel yet light enough to float.

Spectra Shield® Portfolio

  • Ballistic Composite Materials

The Spectra Shield line includes

Spectra Shield® 6166

Spectra Shield® 6166 is for hard body armor. It uses a rubber elastomer resin system, crossplied at 0˚/90˚/0˚/90˚.

Spectra Shield® 6360

Spectra Shield® 6360 is for soft armor in body and face applications. It uses a polyolefin resin system, crossplied at 0˚/90˚/0˚/90˚.

Spectra Shield® 6472

Spectra Shield® 6472 is for hard armor such as helmets, vehicles, face and body. It uses a polyolefin resin system, crossplied at 0˚/90˚/0˚/90˚.

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