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Product Lines

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Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating

Honeywell is helping businesses transition to a lower-carbon future while delivering outstanding results.  We have  invested more than a billion dollars in R&D and new capacity for Solstice® HFO technology. Whether you’re building a new, or retrofitting an existing, refrigeration system, Honeywell can help you meet energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Use low-GWP refrigerants without sacrificing system performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: HFOs, HFO Blends, HFCs
  • Brands: Solstice®, Genetron
  • Applications: Commercial and Residential Buildings, District Heating, Food Retail, Industrial Process, Chillers & Heat Pumps, Cold Storage, E-Cooling
Authentication Technologies

Honeywell supports many of the world’s leading brands, governments and monetary institutions with authentication solutions. We have the largest and most diverse portfolio of pigments and taggants in the industry.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Fluorescent Pigments and Taggants, Phosphorescent Pigments, Smartphone Authentication
  • Brands: Lumilux®
  • Applications: Document Protetion, Banknote and Coin Security, Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting Systems and Glow-in-the-Dark Pigments
Brazing Solutions

Honeywell has supplied flux for brazing aluminum for more than two decades. Our high-quality brazing materials include fluxes based on Potassium Fluoroaluminate and Cesium Fluoroaluminate. They are available in a range of formats, including paints, powders, suspensions, and Jet Applied Brazing Flux blends.


Product Hightlights:

  • Products: Fluorides
  • Brands: Honeywell
  • Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Brazing Consumables, Fluidized Bed Process Equipment, Heavy-Duty Vehicles, HVAC, Industrial Equipment, White Goods, Wind Turbines, EVs & Charging Stations, Solar Panels
Electronic Materials

Honeywell provides critical materials for semiconductor manufacturing processes that enhance performance and productivity. Semiconductor Materials is the leading supplier to semiconductor chip manufacturers and the global electronics industry.

Product Highlights:

Products: Electronic Chemicals, Electronic Polymers, Electrical Interconnect Materials, Low Alpha Materials, Metals, Precious Metal Thermocouples, Sputtering Targets, Thermal Interface Materials (TIMS), Phase Change Materials (PCM), gap fills and Coil Sets/

Applications: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Electronic Vehicles (EV), Thermal Management, Consumer Electronics and Data Centers.

Foam Blowing Agents

Honeywell customers rely on us for gas and liquid blowing agent technology that has ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Our GBA and LBA products provide outstanding foam insulating characteristics with long-term performance. We are the leading supplier of foam-blowing agents for closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) worldwide.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Foam Blowing Agent, Gas Blowing Agent, Liquid Blowing Agent
  • Brands: Solstice®, Enovate®
  • Applications: Appliance Insulation, Boardstock, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Food Retail and Cold Chain, LNG Ship Insulation, Panels, Spray Foam, XPS
HydroBlock® Industrial Films

Customers choose Honeywell HydroBlock® panels for unsurpassed moisture barrier capabilities, versus other clear barrier films. No matter the environment, we have 21 options of moisture and abrasion protection in various forms of polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) moisture-barrier films.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Industrial Films
  • Brands: HydroBlock®
  • Applications: Electronics, Industrial
Lab and Research Chemicals

We make quality, high purity research chemicals by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and a deep understanding of customer needs. Our laboratory chemicals product portfolio of trusted brands and flexible production processes cater to volume and customization needs and keep laboratories running smoothly.


Product Highlights:

  • Industries: QA/QC Labs, Cosmetics, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Metal & Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary
  • Brands: Burdick & Jackson®, BioSyn®, Fluka®, Hydranal®, Riedel-de Haen®
  • Products: Acids and Bases, Certified Reference Materials, Fine Chemicals, Inorganic Compounds, Labware, Organic Compounds, Reagents, Research Chemicals, Returnable Container Program, Solvents
  • Applications: Authentication Technologies, Bioanalysis, Biosynthesis, Cannabis Testing, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Environmental Testing, Food Quality & Safety, Karl Fischer Titration, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Octane Determination, Pharmaceutical QA/QC, Research Chemicals, Spectroscopy, Titration, Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Trace Analysis, Wet Chemistry
Personal Care

Without compromising on performance, Honeywell brings sensory innovation to personal care products with earth-friendly, ultra-low GWP Solstice® ingredients. Our Solstice products offer environmental and regulatory benefits to customers, with applications in cosmetic products, toiletries, toothpaste and personal hygiene products.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care
  • Brands: Solstice® Propellant, Solstice® Enhance
  • Applications: Body, Cosmetic, Face, Dry Shampoo, Hairspray, Moisturizing Lotion, Personal Hygiene, Sun Care, Toiletries, Toothpaste
Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Honeywell developed Aclar® film in collaboration with medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies to ensure the highest moisture barrier of any clear thermoplastic film.  We support clients throughout all packaging phases, from design through production and launch. 

Aclar blister film significantly reduces pack size, waste and carbon emissions, compared to the same product packaged in Cold Form Foil. Find out for yourself by using the Aclar Savings Calculator today.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Pharmaceutical Packaging, Medical Packaging, Barrier Packaging Films, Moisture Barrier Film
  • Brands: Aclar®, Aclar® Accel
  • Applications: Healthcare, Industrial, Medical, Pharma
Propellant and Solvents

Through our Solstice® brand of low-GWP aerosols and performance fluids, Honeywell is providing responsible replacements for hydrocarbons, HCFCs and HFCs. Based on our hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, products are designed to help customers lower their carbon footprint without sacrificing end-product performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Propellants in Aerosols and Sprays, Solvents for Industrial Cleaning, Flushing Agents
  • Brands: Solstice®, PF, PF-C, EZ Flush, Ekoflush®
  • Applications: Propellants for Medical Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI), Pressure Dusting, Freezer Sprays, Novelty Products, Solvents for Carrier Fluid, Solvent and Vapor Degreasing, Aerosol Contact Cleaning, Oxygen Service and Fluid Line Cleaning, Flush Circuit Cleaning
Specialty Additives

Honeywell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of low molecular weight polyethylene waxes and polymers. Our specialty additives portfolio addresses customer needs and challenges that result in cost savings, manufacturing efficiencies, and improved formulation performance for longer service life.


Product Highlights:

  • Products: High-Performance Specialty Additives
  • Brands: ACumist®, A-C®, AClyn®, Cohesa®, Honeywell Titan™, NduroMatt™, Rheolub®, Rheochem
  • Applications: Adhesives, Color Master Batch, Inks, Matting Agents, Paints & Coatings, Plastics & Rubber, Polymers for Asphalt Modification
Spectra® Fibers

Honeywell’s Spectra® is one of the lightest, strongest fibers in the world. We maintain an active advanced fibers and composites research and development program to inform the next generation of high-performance materials technology.

Product Highlights:

  • Products: Medical Grade Fibers, Industrial Grade Fibers, Ballistic Composite Materials
  • Brands: Spectra®, Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield®, Gold Flex®
  • Applications: Ballistic Armor, Industrial, Medical