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Specialty Additives
Specialty Additives

Specialty Additives

Create deeper matte finishes, improve abrasion resistance, get better slip control with our low molecular weight and micronized polyethylene polymers and copolymer additives

Honeywell products help manufacturers of adhesives, asphalt, inks, paints and coatings, plastics and rubbers, and color master batches create deeper matte finishes, improve abrasion resistance, and get better slip control with low molecular weight and micronized polyethylene polymers and copolymer additives. Improve the performance of any application’s properties with AC additives such as Honeywell A-C® 6A, A-C® 617A and A-C® -629 synthetic high density polyethylene waxes; Honeywell Titan® 7686 asphalt polymer; and Honeywell ACUMIST® B6 micronized polyethylene homopolymer.

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Featured Applications

Ultimate Adhesives

  • Adhesives: Each of our synthetic waxes is designed to influence a variety of different properties, including application temperature, adhesion and oil migration.
  • Cohesa: Cohesa® additives are innovative high-solids copolymer-in-water emulsions formulated with low or zero surfactant content and may be used in a broad range of waterborne formulations to improve technical characteristics.

Expert Inks

  • Ink formulators employ Honeywell additives to improve performance, simplify manufacturing and lower costs.

Paints & Coatings

  • Our expertise in the chemistry behind your inks, paints, coatings, plastics or adhesives can help you find the right synthetic wax for your specific application.

Plastics & Rubber

  • These polyethylene waxes and wax blends can be used as in plastic and rubber processing.

Color Master Batch

Improve the performance of your color master batch operations with Honeywell performance additives.

Polymers For Asphalt

  • Honeywell Titan additives for asphalt help save time and money for asphalt formulators, mix producers and paving contractors.

Matting Agents

Our NduroMatt product line offers a wide range of performance attributes for architectural, wood, industrial, and functional coatings.

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