Honeywell High Purity Chemicals

Chances are, you have encountered our high purity chemicals today

Whether it’s in your toothpaste, deodorant and even windows, our chemicals are helping our everyday products be safer, more hygienic, reliable, and durable.  As a producer of high purity fine chemicals with over 200 years of expertise, our comprehensive product portfolio and flexible production processes can help you meet your volume and customization requirements. 

Honeywell provides a comprehensive, quality range of high purity acids and bases, inorganic Halides, Fluoride derivatives, Phosphorous derivatives, Sulphur derivatives, Oxides and a wide selection of other inorganic compounds that meet the need of many diverse markets including: metal surface treatment, electroplating, oral care, personal care, healthcare, nutrition, sealants, adhesives, catalysts, and energy.

Featured Applications

  • Automotive
    • Corrosion Protection: Specialty inorganic fluorides used to produce welding, soldering and fluxing agents and in metal surface pre-treatment and electroplating formulations.
    • Brazing Flux Product Range & Grades: Our Aluminum brazing flux paste, paint, powder, and blends portfolio is constantly expanding to complement our existing range of high quality, consistent and reliable fluxes.

Fine Chemicals For Oral Care

  • Honeywell is specialized in the certified industrial manufacture of high purity and ultra high purity chemicals.

Personal Care

  • Honeywell manufactures a wide range of products to serve the requirements of the personal care sector. Honeywell’s expertise is in the synthesis and manufacture of industrial scale high purity and ultra high purity inorganic chemicals.

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