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We don’t just provide chemicals, we provide solutions that keep your lab running smoothly.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and a deep understanding of customer needs, Honeywell Lab and Research Chemicals makes everyday products more safe, hygienic, reliable, and durable. With centuries of expertise, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio of trusted brands and flexible production processes that cater to your volume and customization needs.

Whether you're working in diverse laboratories, industrial operations, or emerging markets, Honeywell delivers chemical solutions that will consistently exceed your expectations. Our esteemed brands, such as Burdick & Jackson®, BioSyn®, Fluka®, Hydranal®, and Riedel-de Haen®, have become synonymous with excellence in lab and research chemicals. But our commitment to excellence doesn't stop with established solutions.

Honeywell consistently stays ahead of market needs by developing new and innovative lab and research chemicals and formulations. We have introduced Hydranal NextGen FA reagents, the world’s first commercially available Karl Fischer reagents free of alcohol and imidazole, to solve your most challenging Karl Fischer water determination needs. You can explore a range of biosynthesis products that support oligonucleotide synthesis for rapid access to custom oligo sequences. Or review our extensive portfolio of chromatography products that have revolutionized the precision with which labs are able to separate and analyze complex mixtures.

Notably, Honeywell's dedication to sustainability extends to our Lab and Research Chemicals. We are steadfast in our pursuit of eco-friendly materials that balance performance with a reduced environmental footprint. Honeywell isn't just about providing chemicals, or even solutions. We're about transforming industries, and we invite you join us!

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