Consistent from the first to the last step, scientists have trusted Fluka™ for more than 70 years to achieve accurate results

Three scientists gathered in an office
Three scientists gathered in an office

The Fluka™ portfolio of acids, bases, salts, pH buffers and analytical standards offers premium laboratory products and certified reference standards to analysts throughout the globe. Every batch of our premium-grade organic and inorganic reagents and standards comes with its consistency, purity and accuracy assured and has helped scientists across the world achieve accurate and consistent results.

The Fluka Line Includes

HYDRANAL™ Composite 5 2

HYDRANAL™ Composite 5 2 is a titrating agent for volumetric one-component Karl Fischer titration (methanol free).

HYDRANAL™ Titrant 5 3

HYDRANAL™ Titrant 5 3 is a titrating agent for volumetric two-component Karl Fischer titration (methanol-based). 

Potassium bromate

Potassium bromate Puriss. p.a., ACS Reagent, ≥99.8% (dried material, RT).

Fluka brochure
Fluka brochure

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