Improve Aluminum Brazing Efficiencies

Jet Applied Brazing Flux (JABF) can accelerate manufacturing of EV, Wind Turbine, Solar Panel and EV Charging Station cooling plates, while reducing waste, energy, & labor costs. JABF enables up to 95% less flux consumption, eliminates post-brazing wash, & can be simultaneously jetted from all sides.

Apply Flux Only Where Needed and Eliminate Post-Brazing Wash

Cooling systems enabled by brazed aluminum parts are widely used for electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging stations, solar panels, and wind turbines. The brazing process used to build these products can be wasteful and inefficient. Honeywell Jet Applied Brazing Flux is designed for contactless jet dispensers, allowing for high speed and accurate flux application, minimizing the amount of flux used, increasing manufacturing speed, and reducing both cost and product weight.

The Flux Solution for Multiple Brazing Challenges

Jet Applied Brazing Flux addresses common manufacturing hurdles:

Excess Flux

Molten flux is commonly used to facilitate the wetting, spreading, and flowing of molten filler metal into the gap between panels to form a brazed joint. This widely employed technique uses a spray, dip, roll, brush, or shower process to apply flux uniformly to the surface of a part, which results in the excess use of flux.

Jet Applied Brazing Flux is part of our jet printing solution for controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum. The flux is only applied where it is needed, cutting out excess flux.

Flux Residue

Excess flux leaves flux residue, which is wasteful, adds unnecessary weight and it contaminates and corrodes surfaces—compromising the appearance and lifespan of aluminum parts.

Jet Applied Brazing Flux is a thixotropic paste incorporating flux particles several times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, which prevents hard sediments from forming in process equipment and from blocking jet nozzles. It is applied only on the joint areas required, reducing flux residue by up to 95%.

Post-Brazing Wash

Flux residue must be removed, which requires a lengthy washing process with heated water or chemicals. The post-brazing wash consumes time, space, materials, and labor.

Due to reduced flux and residue, using Jet Applied Brazing Flux with jet printing technology eliminates the need for a post-brazing wash—saving time, materials, labor, and waste.

Energy Costs

Common aluminum brazing requires high temperatures for the brazing and abundant water for the post-brazing wash.

Jet Applied Brazing Flux is a unique multi-constituent phase material providing an exceptionally low melting temperature (552 ± 3.0°C), saving up to 20% brazing time and reducing energy usage. Removing the post-brazing wash eliminates most water consumption.


Without Jet Applied Brazing Flux printing, the aluminum brazing process requires manual rolling, brushing, dipping, or spraying.

Using contactless jet dispensers with Jet Applied Brazing Flux reduces much of the manual labor required, especially if automation points (e.g., robotic arms) are introduced into the process, significantly increasing assembly belt speeds.

The Honeywell Jet Applied Brazing Flux Advantage

Multi-directional fluxing
Apply flux from top, bottom, and side

Variable sizes, weights, & patterns
Pinpoint jetting increases strength while decreasing volume

Extended Product Lifecycle
Less corrosion, less abrasion, and better bonding

Energy Savings
Low melting point requires less energy to heat


Improved Productivity
Decrease labor costs & increase manufacturing speeds

Environmentally Conscious
No post-brazing wash waste and fewer emissions

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