Efficient Matting, Enduring Protection.

Watch our video to know how Honeywell's NduroMatt™ triples the surface protection for architectural, wood, industrial and functional coatings. 

Improve Coating Performance For Longer Service Life

Honeywell’s new NduroMatt™  offers a wide range of performance attributes for architectural, wood, industrial, and functional coatings. It provides triple the surface protection over conventional matting agents and is recommended to completely replace them or supplement matte coatings to enhance surface properties.

Triple the protection of your products and achieve unrivaled durability with Honeywell’s NduroMatt™ matting agents. Compared to conventional matting agents, NduroMatt™ provides 2-3 times greater surface protection against burnishes, scratches and stains.*

Production Flexibility

NduroMatt blends with your products up to 50% faster than synthetic silica-based agents. Plus, you’ll have the versatility to supplement your current coatings or completely replace them to get the exact performance you want. 

Easy To Use

You don’t need to change your production process to use NduroMatt. It has little or no impact on viscosity, and dust and foam generation is much lower compared to conventional matting agents.

Superior Performance

NduroMatt can be used to enhance the surface properties of paints and coatings for outstanding protection against mars, scratches and burnishes. Three product options are available to work with products ranging from water- or solvent-based semi-gloss to flat paints and coatings.

* Burnish: 60° gloss change measured after BYK Gardner abrasion test; Scratch: Sutherland rub test; Stain: L, a, b, Color change

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