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Spectra® MG Medical Grade Biocompatible Fiber

This ultra-lightweight polyethylene fiber is manufactured through a first-of-its-kind patented gel spinning process

Honeywell Spectra® MG is a medical grade biocompatible Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber manufactured through a patented gel spinning process—the first of its kind. Used in medical applications, Spectra® MG bio is the best choice for sutures, surgical robots, catheters, cardiovascular devices, ACL/PCL reconstruction and more. It is biocompatible, reducing body inflammation and irritation. It is 15 times stronger than steel and three times stronger than polyester.

The newest Spectra® MG Bio Blue fiber creates color contrast that enables healthcare professionals to perform surgeries more efficiently and accurately, which promotes greater comfort and safety for patients.

The Spectra MG BIO line includes

Ultra-high strength, ultra-lightweight polyethylene fibers manufactured through a first-of-its-kind patented gel spinning process

Spectra® MG BIO line
Spectra® MG BIO BLUE line
Spectra® UF BIO line
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Honeywell Introduces New Blue Spectra® Medical Grade Bio Fiber Designed To Improve Visual Contrast Within Critical Surgical Procedures
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