Solstice® HFO Refrigerants drive industrial process efficiently

Most industrial processes harness heating and cooling to ensure the correct quality, shape and form of the product being produced. Whether air, water or steam, the carbon footprint of cooling and heating energy has a significant influence on Scope 1 emissions – a key focus of any ESG agenda. Reducing carbon emissions starts with optimizing processes and identifying quick wins that can have positive financial and environmental impact. Low GWP Honeywell Solstice® ze (R-1234ze) and Solstice® zd (R-1233zd) refrigerants are designed to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the emissions of heating, cooling and refrigeration applications such as the medium and high-temperature heat pumps that power industrial heat sink applications. In addition, Solstice® HFO refrigerants are non-toxic and mildly or non-flammable, unlike conventional solutions such as ammonia.

Why choose Solstice HFO Refrigerant for your industrial processes?

Increases energy efficiency 

Optimizes the energy cost of your manufactured product.

Reduces environmental impact 

The low GWP and low ozone depletion potential of Solstice® HFO refrigerants support carbon reduction journeys.

Increases safety 

Solstice® HFO refrigerants are non-toxic and non-flammable, making them a safe choice for industrial processes.

Lowers cost  

Systems powered by Solstice® HFO refrigerants deliver higher CAPEX savings than those that use conventional refrigerants.

Reduces maintenance 

Systems powered by Solstice® HFO refrigerants require less complex maintenance than those using conventional refrigerants due to hermetic compressors and lower circuit pressures.

Key applications

Dairy & Cheese
Ice-cream & frozen products
Animal feed
Chocolate & confectionaries
Breweries, Distilleries & Beverages
Pharma & Life science
Paper & Pulp
Chemical refineries

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