Solstice® HFO Refrigerants make decarbonising residential heating easier

Rapid heat pump deployment is an integral part of REPowerEU, the European Commission’s plan to ensure energy independence from Russia before 2030. It’s also instrumental for achieving the region’s 2050 net zero target.  Households across Europe account for 27% of final energy consumption while 79% of household energy is channelled into space and water heating.  Honeywell Solstice® HFO refrigerants provide compelling benefits across the residential value chain: forward-thinking heat pump manufacturers gain a low-cost opportunity to decarbonize home heating systems; homeowners can cost-effectively replace fossil fuel boilers with a source of clean heat; and installers get a solution that can be safely implemented and serviced.

Why choose Solstice® HFO Refrigerants for residential heating?

Solstice refrigerant icon for residential buildings

Reduces application costs 

Designing a heat pump based on Solstice refrigerant is less expensive than developing one using propane.

Solstice refrigerant icon for residential buildings 

Provides application flexibility 

Solstice® HFO refrigerants based heat pumps can be used across most heat pump applications and property types.

Honeywell Solstice Refrigerant - Safe and Environmentally Friendly Option for Cooling Systems

Increases safety 

Classed as A2L (mildly flammable), Solstice® HFO refrigerants are safer to install and service than A3 (highly flammable)-classed propane.

Solstice refrigerants: Better for your bottom line

Boosts energy efficiency

Heat pump systems using Solstice® HFO refrigerants can be optimized to be more efficient than propane heat pumps, reducing their lifetime cost.


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