Solstice® HFO Refrigerants provide more efficient cooling and heating for your supermarket

Some 50% of the energy used in supermarkets supports refrigeration. To meet environmental targets and financial goals, supermarket operators and food retailers need sustainable solutions now. Solstice® HFO refrigerants are engineered to attain carbon neutrality faster, and within budget.

Why choose Solstice® HFO Refrigerants for your supermarket?

Solstice refrigerants: Better for your business - Honeywell Advanced Materials

Lowers costs 

Reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs and avoiding downtime are critical to your bottom line. Solstice® HFO refrigerants allow you to reimagine your refrigeration without reengineering your operations. They also offer opportunities for remodeling existing systems without time-consuming, expensive changeovers and capital expenditure, all while delivering maximum customer safety and operating efficiency.

Solstice refrigerant: Better for the planet - Honeywell Advanced Materials

Reduces environmental impact 

Solstice® HFO refrigerants for retrofit, low-cost remodeling and new systems are engineered to help supermarket owners become carbon neutral faster. They have low GWP, are energy-efficient, and unlike alternative refrigerants, are non-toxic, mildly or non-flammable and operate at safe pressure levels.

Honeywell Solstice Refrigerant - Safe and Environmentally Friendly Option for Cooling Systems

Suitable for different store sizes

No matter the footprint of your store or supermarket, Solstice® HFO refrigerants combine the performance, safety and reliability that businesses and consumers expect, with the efficiency and minimum environmental impact the world needs now.


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Calculate the Eco-Efficiency of your Supermarket

Make better investment decisions about your store’s refrigeration assets with our decision-making model.
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Eco-Efficiency Tool

Use this calculator to make informed decisions about which technology and refrigerants is to be used in new or refurbished stores in order to reach sustainability goals faster at a lower cost.

case study

Italian Supermarket MD powers operations with Solstice® L40X (R-455A) Refrigerant

MD Discount store in San Giovanni in Persiceto near Bologna becomes the first supermarket in Italy to use Solstice refrigerant.
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case study

Thought for food: Honeywell’s Solstice® empowers a game-changer in cold storage

Honeywell refrigerants are at the heart of a revolutionary chiller technology cutting power bills in half and helping meet food producers’ and retailers’ environmental goals.

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case study

Solstice® L40X Powers Cooling And Freezing Units At Dutch Zoo

The zoo’s owners are pleased with the results and happy that the restaurant is now equipped to provide eco-efficient service to visitors long into the future

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Low and medium temperature Refrigeration with Solstice® L40X (R-455A)

Long-term refrigerant solution for condensing units, waterloop and plug-in systems
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