Solstice® HFO Refrigerants drive the efficiency of district heating networks.

Ultra-low GWP Honeywell Solstice® ze (R-1234ze)and Solstice® zd (R-1233zd) HFO refrigerants are designed for safe application in large-scale heat pumps that power district heating networks. Step toward a net zero future with Honeywell and accelerate your rollout with confidence.

Choose Solstice® HFO Refrigerants for your district heating

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Suitable for urban areas

With their blend of safety, sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Solstice® ze and Solstice® zd refrigerants are ideal for heat networks in urban areas. 

Lower Your Footprint with Solstice Refrigerant for District Heating

Reduces environmental impact

Boasting zero ozone depleting potential, a short atmospheric life and EU F-Gas compliance, ultra-low GWP Solstice® ze and Solstice® zd refrigerants provide a sustainable heating and cooling solution.

Honeywell Solstice Refrigerant - Safe and Environmentally Friendly Option for Cooling Systems

increases safety

Solstice® ze and Solstice® zd refrigerants can be stored and handled safely, reflected in their respective A2L (mildly flammable) and A1 (non-flammable) classifications, non-toxicity and compliance with PED standards.

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Reduces total cost of ownership 

The safety, sustainability and efficiency of Solstice® ze and Solstice® zd refrigerants provides a compelling total cost of ownership relative to other solutions.


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Eases conversion 

With their near drop-in design, Solstice® ze and Solstice® zd refrigerants can be deployed quickly and efficiently in district heating applications.

Key applications

Medium-pressure chillers to cool large buildings
High-temperature heat pumps
District cooling and heating
Infrastructure projects
Medium-temperature self contained refrigeration cabinets
Process chillers in refrigeration applications
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

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Solstice® HFO Refrigerant helps decarbonise London Homes

As part of its ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030, Southwark Council in south east London developed a plan to decarbonise the gas-powered heat networks used by thousands of council homes across the borough.
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Solstice® HFO Refrigerant decarbonises heat in Denmark

Ringsted District Heating Utility wanted to achieve 95% carbon-free heat without significantly increasing the cost to its customers.
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Benefits of Solstice® ze

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