Solstice® HFO Blowing Agents help improve energy efficiency

More and better insulation will be required across many industries as Europe embarks on its carbon neutrality objective by 2050.   The Green Deal’s Renovation Wave targets to at least double the annual energy renovation rate of residential and non-residential buildings by 2030 resulting in 35 million renovated buildings and to foster deep energy renovations to reduce emissions by min. 55% in 2030.  The introduction of Ecodesign and Labelling measures in commercial appliances is estimated to reduce energy consumption in 2030 by 30%.  Solstice® foam blowing agents provide compelling benefits across various industries by providing best insulation performance with ultra-low GWP.

Why choose Solstice® HFO Blowing Agents for foam insulation?

Provides best insulation 

Solstice® provides between 10% to 25% better insulation than alternative foam blowing agents

Allows design flexibility 

Solstice® help architects and OEMs meet energy requirements in space constraint projects with thinner insulation

Increases Safety

No Non-flammable Solstice® provide a safer operation and reduce new plant investments

Reduces Application Costs

Designing applications with Solstice reduces costs by avoiding costly equipment, redesign or additional operations

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