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Consistent target composition keeps your manufacturing running. By owning and operating metal refining and purification processes, we ensure that our metals have the lowest particulate counts in the industry, with the most consistent microstructure control down to the sub micron level.

We can meet your demand. Our metallurgical expertise enables us to produce targets that are ergonomically lightweight made with the highest quality metals. They are manufactured for the majority of original equipment manufacturer designs (OEM) found in physical vapor deposition (PVD) applications. We’ve increased targets production capacity, as well as our internal capacity to produce the copper, cobalt, titanium, and tungsten raw materials used to make the targets.

When you work with the world’s largest manufacturer of sputtering targets for the semiconductor industry, you can maintain your competitive edge.

Our dedicated research teams in Spokane have the application knowledge and experience to help you design your next generation products.

And as the need for targets in Photovoltaic industry grows, Honeywell Electronic Materials has the technical capabilities to match your needs as well.

Technology customized designs with:

  • Major metals– AI/Ti, Cu/Ta, CoWTiW, TiAL
  • Semiconductor front end, Under-Bump Metalization (UBM)
  • Through silicon-via (TSV)
  • Patented ECAE technology ultrafine grain size

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