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Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber

Spectra® fiber is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers; pound-for-pound, fifteen times stronger than steel, more durable than polyester, and has a specific strength that is 40 percent greater than aramid fiber.

Featured applications

Honeywell offers a wide range of Spectra® performance levels and deniers to meet the needs of many applications.

Medical Devices

For use in medical applications Spectra Medical Grade is an ultra-high strength, ultra-lightweight polyethylene fiber manufactured through a patented gel spinning process – the first of its kind. And as one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers Specta MG is 15 times stronger than steel and on a volume basis, 3 times stronger than polyester. 


With extensive in-house material research and development capabilities, we have created uses for Spectra fiber in unique applications.

Rope: Spectra fiber’s lightweight strength and versatility make it an ideal solution for virtually every rope and cordage requirement.

Fishing Line: The #1 super-line material found in the world’s best saltwater and freshwater fishing lines.

Cut Protection: Our industrial gloves are designed to protect workers hands from cut hazards.

Specialty Applications: With a global sales and technical support network, we offer the resources to support your business, coupled with the best options in lightweight, strong fibers.

TextilesDecades of engineering delivering textiles as comfortable and light as they are durable and strong.


Spectra® fiber, one of the world's strongest and lightest materials, can be crafted into composite structures such as Spectra Shield® ballistic material, an ideal product for military applications.

  • Spectra Shield® bullet-resistant materials for body armor, helmets, vehicles and more have been protecting military and law enforcement personnel for more than 30 years.
  • Gold Shield® high-performance composites for soft body armor are specially designed for comfort and flexibility.
  • Gold Flex® is a ballistic composite roll product with four plies of unidirectional aramid fiber to protect soft body and vehicle armor.


Enabling better business outcomes

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Spectra MG
Make your medical devices smaller, stronger and more durable
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Press Release
Honeywell Introduces New Blue Spectra® Medical Grade Bio Fiber Designed To Improve Visual Contrast Within Critical Surgical Procedures
Engineered to be both ultra-lightweight and ultra-high strength, Honeywell’s Spectra MG Bio fiber provides superior resistance to chemicals, fatigue and abrasion when compared to conventional polyethylene fiber, making it an optimal solution for minimally invasive surgeries.
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