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Honeywell Authentication Protects Brands and Offers Security

Honeywell Authentication Technologies provides many of the world’s leading brands, governments and monetary institutions with fluorescent and phosphorescent materials and detection devices for their authentication needs. We also provide phosphorescent pigments known for their glow in the dark properties – for use in safety signage, instrumentation panels, watch dials, paints and coatings.

Featured Applications

Document Protection

Our semi-covert and machine-readable luminescent materials are used in a wide variety of high-security documents, including IDs and passports.

Banknote & Coin Security

You can stay steps ahead of the forgers by choosing Honeywell’s secure lock-and-key solutions as the backbone of an effective anti-counterfeiting program.

Brand Protection

Honeywell’s brand protection and anti-counterfeiting systems use purely digital authentication technologies based on smartphone verification.

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