Solstice® 454B (R-454B) Refrigerant – A lower GWP replacement for R-410A

Honeywell continues to innovate and bring new solutions to the market to meet industry needs and our customer preferences. Solstice® 454B (R-454B) refrigerant is a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO blend designed to replace R-410A in stationary air conditioning/heating applications and scroll chillers.

R-410A replacement - What you need to know?

R-410A is one of the most widely used refrigerants around the world for residential and light commercial cooling and heating applications. Furthermore, the final rule on the Technology Transition Program under the AIM act, signed on Oct 5, 2023, restricts the use of higher-GWP HFCs (like R-410A) in various sub-sectors, including new refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump (RACHP) products and equipment. To comply with regulatory phasedowns of high-GWP products, R-410A must be replaced with a safe, energy-efficient, lower-GWP solution with similar or better performance in the new equipment. 

Solstice® 454B (R-454B) Refrigerant: A non-ozone depleting HFO blend, designed as a low GWP replacement for R-410A in new equipment

Solstice® 454B (R-454B) refrigerant closely matches the performance of R410A, offering similar capacity and efficiency. Additionally, Solstice® 454B offers a GWP of 466, a 78% reduction vs 410A. It minimizes capital expenditures and provide easy conversion with minimal changes from a R-410A design. With its high critical temperature and broader operating envelope in low evaporating temperatures, Solstice® 454B (R-454B) refrigerant outperforms other refrigerant alternatives in normal and high ambient conditions in a variety of applications:

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