Try Solstice® Refrigerants For Your New Systems

Supermarkets are invited to sign up for our “Transition to a lower-carbon future" program. This program is designed exclusively for environmentally conscious supermarkets to try Solstice® L40X or Solstice® 454C in an installation of new refrigeration equipment.  Once you sign up for this program, our team of experts will work closely with you to implement Solstice® refrigerant in your new refrigeration system and help you meet your sustainability goals. 

As carbon emission regulations become more stringent on the use of high-GWP HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants, more grocery and convenience stores are opting to replace their legacy refrigerants with lower-GWP solutions like Honeywell Solstice® L40X (R-455A) and Solstice® 454C (R-454C).

Customer Success Stories

Edeka — Erxleben, Germany

Installed Solstice® L40X in November 2020

  • 30% savings on electricity and heating costs compared to central refrigeration systems

  • 40% lower energy consumption than plugin refrigeration units without heat recovery

  • 35% lower investment costs than a comparable CO2 system

“Our hybrid system, in conjunction with Honeywell Solstice L40X, demonstrates that it’s possible to implement a refrigeration system that minimizes investment, operating and maintenance costs while also meeting an operator’s climate goals. We’re proud that this collaboration has resulted in a sustainability milestone for KONSUM and Edeka.”

Goran Simic, KMW Sales and Service Director

*Results data as provided by the customer and depends on specific system and operational circumstances.

MD Discount Store— Persiceto, Italy

Installed Solstice® L40X in January 2023

  • 25% lower lifetime emissions projected compared to CO2 systems

  • Projected savings of €260,000 in lifetime cost compared to COsystems*

“We are now engaging with Honeywell to further our work in this area and implement Solstice L40X in our new San Giovanni in Persiceto store, which is projected to support a lifetime cost savings of approximately €260,000 and 25% lower lifetime emissions compared with carbon dioxide for that store alone.”

Michele Aiello, Technical Director, MD

*Based on data input from MD and specific analyses using Honeywell’s Eco-Efficiency model.

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* Based on ORNL report - Technology Options for Low Environmental Impact Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, for efficiency evaluated at typical design condition (95°F). The COP for
Solstice 454C, Solstice L40X, R-290 and CO2 are 1.99, 2.05, 1.62 and 1.17 respectively at ambient temperature of 95°F. The report also provides LCCP analysis for Atlanta (Emission Factor = 0.497
kgCO2/kWhr) for Solstice 454C, Solstice L40X, R-290 and CO2, which are 7269901 kgCO2e, 7158019 kgCO2e, 8444764 kgCO2e and 8853301 kgCO2e respectively as total emissions which is
the sum of direct and indirect emissions. For details, please visit OSTI.GOV
Unlike CO2 refrigeration systems, Solstice® refrigerants have a lower CAPEX requirement. Being a high-pressure refrigerant, CO2 systems need entirely new equipment and
costly components to withstand high pressure conditions.