Solstice® A2L Refrigerants - Making Sustainable Attainable, Across Applications

For various applications, nonflammable (A1) refrigerants have emerged to be the first choice for companies, because of their ease of use. However, given the market awareness on safe usage, reliability, performance and lower cost of ownership, the acceptance of A2L refrigerants has grown multifold in the recent years. 

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A2L refrigerants are smarter replacements for high-GWP HFCs 

The HVAC and refrigeration industry is constantly under pressure to transition to lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants, to adhere to regulations and meet sustainability goals. Honeywell has invested more than one billion dollars in research, development, and new capacity for its Solstice® technology, having anticipated the need for low and ultra-low GWP solutions to combat climate change more than a decade ago.

Industry endorsed

Industry organizations such as AHRI have endorsed A2L refrigerants to be acceptable for use in residential and commercial systems with the addition of mitigation measures. A2L refrigerants are significantly lower in flammability than A3 refrigerants.  They  require much more energy to ignite and require high concentrations in air to become combustible. A2Ls also have lower combustion energy.

Operationally efficient

For companies looking for a cost-effective option, HFO-based A2L refrigerants are an excellent choice. They offer a GWP saving of up to 99.9% compared to HFCs and requiring minimum system/equipment redesign. Honeywell’s A2L refrigerants are designed to mimic the refrigerants they are replacing by matching capacity and operating parameters, while reducing the engineering effort.

It gets easier with Honeywell

Honeywell has vast domain expertise with a wide installed base of A2L refrigerants dating back more than a decade. Our refrigerants team is here to provide technical support at every stage in the installation and maintenance process.  

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Customer success stories with Solstice® A2L refrigerants



Keyter commercializes first-ever scroll chiller using Solstice® ze - Honeywell’s ultra-low GWP A2L refrigerant

“As an Andalusian-based organization, we are located in one of the hottest areas of Europe, which enables us to test our machines under extreme circumstances. Honeywell’s Solstice ze technology surpassed performance expectations and its environmental benefits align with global requirements and our mission to preserve the planet, making it the ideal solution”

Francisco Raya, Sales Director, Keyter

Solstice® ze, Honeywell’s ultra-low GWP A2L refrigerant, powers new cooling system at the Eiffel Tower

"The cooling system introduced by Honeywell, ALM Froid and AF Energy provides a unique blend of sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance"

Fabrice Fevai, Ascent Department Manager, Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE)


New French supermarket, E.Leclerc in Moissac, Selects Low GWP Solstice® L40X - an A2L Refrigerant for cold storage

“We intended to find an alternative refrigerant with high performance that is compatible with our existing infrastructure and keeps us in compliance with the recent legislation put in place”

Régis Plet, Technical Manager for E.Leclerc, Moissac.


MD Discount Store Becomes First Supermarket In Italy To Use Honeywell Solstice® L40X (R-455A)

“We are now engaging with Honeywell to further our work in this area and implement Solstice L40X in our new San Giovanni in Persiceto store, which is projected to support a lifetime cost savings of approximately €260,000 and 25% lower lifetime emissions compared with carbon dioxide for that store alone.”*

Michele Aiello, Technical Director, MD

Heatcraft Developing Refrigeration Equipment With Energy-Efficient Honeywell Solstice® L40X Refrigerant

“Trusted, low-GWP, energy-efficient refrigerants such as Honeywell Solstice® L40X is exactly the type of solution we look for when creating new technologies that meet our customer’s needs and regulatory requirements.”

Bob Landi, vice president and general manager, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

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*Based on data input from MD and specific analyses using Honeywell’s Eco-Efficiency model