Explore Honeywell Titan® To Boost Pavement Performance & Reduce Costs

Upgrade your pavement

Honeywell Titan® is a family of polyolefin-based products that can be blended with asphalt binders to build durable and sustainable pavements at lower overall costs.

It increases the stiffness of the binder at high temperatures and enhances its lubricity. This lubrication effect not only boosts density with less compaction effort, but also increases the number of “contact points” between aggregates, the main load bearing components of the pavement asphalt layer.

Meeting F1 Speed And Safety RequirementsWith Honeywell Titan® Polymer

Honeywell TITAN® polymer enables Southwest Liquid Asphalt to meet rigorous specifications of new Las Vegas F1 racetrack. Read case study to learn how Honeywell Titan® accommodated the high-performance racing requirements.

How Honeywell Titan® Adds Value to Your Pavement

Reduce Asphalt Compaction Time
Lower Overall Costs Of Ownership

Minimize Rutting And Moisture Damage

Faster Paving, Lower Energy Consumption

Honeywell Titan® technology can drive layer coefficient to 0.64
(40% thickness reduction) which translates into 20 kg of CO2e/ton
in addition to benefits from lower process temperatures and faster compaction.

Benefits Of Honeywell Titan®

With Polymer Modified Bitumen(PmB)

  • Compatible with various bitumen variations
  • PG grade bump
  • Maintain low viscosity
  • Reduce penetration
  • Increase R&B softening point
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Meet various PmB specifications
  • Maintain good storage stability

With Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

  • Reduce rutting
  • Improve fuel and moisture resistance
  • Warm mix asphalt additive
  • Reduce compaction temperature & time
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce toxic emissions into the environment
  • Extend paving season




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Discover the Power of Honeywell Titan® Additives for Asphalt Modification.

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