JNR Difference and Quality of Polymer Modified Bitumens

Road Performance is Much More Than JNR Diff. 

Significant studies in the US and other countries have attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of various parameters in relation to performance of asphalt mixtures. The MSCR’s new high temperature rutting parameter, Non-recoverable Creep Compliance (Jnr), has been shown to more accurately predict the rutting performance of the asphalt binder

– both in the field and in test strips – than the current parameter of G*/sinδ used in the AASHTO M320. However, a large number of agencies are reluctant

to adopt the MSCR and the AASHTO M332 because of the uncertainty of the Jnr Diff parameter.

This technical bulletin is written to show that using the Jnr Diff parameter for defining the quality of PmBs could be misleading and could exclude

high quality functional polymers that provide significant benefits to bitumen and asphalt mixture performance.

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