Spotlight on Honeywell Future Shaper – Mary Bogdan, Buffalo, NY

HFO-based foam insulation helps keep homes and buildings warm, energy-efficient and protected from outside weather. Good for homeowners, businesses and the environment 

Meet Mary Bogdan, a 34-year Honeywell veteran and Research Fellow who has held multiple roles at the company, most recently as Senior Principal Scientist. Her attention to detail on critical things like air infiltration into buildings and homes helps deliver year-round comfort to those working and living in indoor environments around the world. By focusing on making structures, wall assemblies and walls thermally tight, we can maximize energy performance at scale and in a way that is accretive to climate goals. While we do not manufacture the foam used to help insulate structures, Mary has helped develop the gas that goes into the foams to help them deliver the improved energy performance and weatherization that the market has come to expect.

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