Spotlight on Honeywell Future Shaper – Ryan Hulse, Buffalo, NY

HFOs enable high-efficiency, cost-effective heating and cooling with very low global warming potential.

Meet Ryan Hulse, Senior Research & Development Director, who has been at Honeywell for over 20 years. Ryan leads the teams who have invented and developed new, low global warming potential (low-GWP) solutions for refrigerants, foams, solvents and aerosols. Through this work, Ryan and his team have been awarded over 70 patents and several awards celebrating the sustainability of these innovative molecules.

Ready-now HFO solutions enable high-efficiency, cost-effective heating and cooling, and are an integral part of helping meet global climate goals by lowering emissions. To date, Honeywell HFOs have effectively prevented the release of millions of metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s 326 million metric tons total to be precise, measured from January 2010 through December 2022 alone.

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