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Honeywell offers a wide range of Spectra® performance levels and deniers to meet the needs of many applications. Selecting the right rope or net for a job depends on multiple concerns of construction, composition and function. Our knowledgeable and experienced applications team helps customers optimize manufacturing processes and develop creative and cost-effective solutions.The Benefits of Spectra Fiber

  • 15 times stronger than steel by weight – lighter weight/heavier loads
  • Light enough to float (.97 g/cc specific gravity) – no capacity loss in water
  • Hydrophobic – no water weight gain
  • Chemical resistance - does not corrode and eliminates need for lubrication
  • Excellent abrasion resistance – longer life
  • Excellent flex and bending fatigue performance – longer life
  • Very good UV resistance – eliminates the need for UV protective coatings
  • Excellent cut resistance – improves durability – longer life
  • Low coefficient of friction – reduces energy loss and heat buildup

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