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Honeywell Refrigerants support industries such as supermarkets, cold storage facilities, ice rinks and residential air conditioners, while Honeywell Heating products support heat pumps, chillers, vending machines, cascade systems and more. What they share in common is Honeywell's groundbreaking technology that combines greatly reduced GWP and operational safety to reduce these industries’ carbon footprint, improve their performance, and comply with regulations.

In anticipation of the latest regulatory transitions, Honeywell Refrigerants introduced Solstice N71, a next-generation solution for commercial refrigeration applications such as supermarkets, while Solstice N41 offers a 65% lower GWP for stationary residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Honeywell Genetron is an HFC alternative to CFCs and HCFCs.

From Honeywell’s Heating business comes the zeotropic blends of Solstice L40X (R-455A), an ultra-low GWP for low-, medium- and high-temperature applications in new systems; the non-ozone depleting Solstice® 454B (R-454B) as an alternative to R-410A in comfort air cooling and reversible heating applications; and the R-134a / HFO-1234ze (Solstice® ze) blend, Solstice N13 (R-450A), for similar performance to R-123a with 60% less GWP.

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Featured Applications

Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

Be confident in your choice of energy efficient and reduced-GWP refrigerants for supermarkets, cold storage, chillers and many more industrial and commercial applications, with:

  • Solstice N71 (R-471A): <150 GWP, non-flammable HFO refrigerant blend is 13%* more energy efficient as compared to R-404A and 30%* more energy efficient compared with CO2
  • Solstice N40 (R-448A): Zeotropic blend designed to serve as a replacement for R-404A, has been chosen by the likes of Walmart, Whole Foods Market, and another 60,000+ supermarkets
  • Solstice L40X: Mildly flammable, zeotropic blend designed to serve as an alternative for low, medium and high-temperature applications in new systems. It has a low global-warming-potential (GWP) of only 145.
  • Solstice ze: Energy-efficient, ultra-low GWP refrigerant alternative to R-134a
  • Solstice zd: Non-flammable, ultra-low GWP replacement for R-123 for low pressure centrifugal chillers. It has a GWP of 1 which is 99.9% lower than R-245fa
  • Solstice N15: Nonflammable azeotropic blend with 77% lower GWP and equal efficiency as compared to R-134a.

Heating for Residential, Commercial and Industrial processes

Solstice refrigerant technology is making difficult choices easier, combining the heating performance we all expect with the energy efficiency and low environmental impact we all need right now. 

  • Solstice ze: Energy-efficient alternative to traditional refrigerants in different medium temperature uses, which has been selected by a number of equipment manufacturers for applications with a capacity range from several kW to 20MW and charges varying from 300g to 13mT.  Field tests of air-cooled chillers in similar systems comparing Solstice® ze with propane (R-290) show significantly lower energy consumption. In addition, compared to traditional refrigerants, the properties and operating characteristics of Solstice® ze are a very good match, but without the environmental penalty of high GWP HFCs.

Mobile Air Conditioning

Global auto brands meet or exceed ultra-low GWP regulatory requirements for auto air conditioning refrigerant with Honeywell Solstice® yf (R-1234yf) - a near drop-in replacement for 134a.

  • Solstice yf: A near drop-in replacement for R-134a in automobile A/C applications, helping automakers around the world comply with EU low GWP requirements. 

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

Honeywell is meeting the demand for a R-410A replacement with low-GWP and reduced GWP alternatives.

Solstice N41: The first R-410A replacement in stationary residential and commercial air conditioning systems that offers the combination of nonflammability with a GWP of 733, 65% lower than R-410A

Solstice 454-B: Non-ozone depleting, zeotropic blend designed as a low GWP alternative to R-410A in comfort air cooling and reversible heating applications

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