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Solstice® HFO Technology for Supermarkets

On average, 50%1 of the energy used in supermarkets is for refrigeration, which is essential to supermarket sales. Acting now to find more sustainable solutions will be critical to meeting carbon neutrality targets and financial goals. Solstice® refrigerants are engineered to help supermarket owners become carbon neutral faster and stay within budget.

There is an optimal Solstice HFO solution for every application

Large Stores
(>2,000 sqm.)

Solstice N71 (R-471A)

Small & Medium-Size Stores
(600-2,000 sqm.)

Solstice L40X (R-455A)

Convenience Stores
(<600 sqm.)

Solstice L40X (R-455A)

Food Service & Small Independent Stores

Solstice L40X (R-455A)

Solstice HFO technology outperforms against the next best alternatives in real-life case studies:

  • Large new stores: Solstice N71 (R-471A) leads to 20% lower TCO and 15% lower total carbon footprint (TEWI) when compared to R-744.
  • Small new stores: Solstice L40X (R-455A) leads to 23% lower TCO and 13% lower TEWI when compared to R-744. Solstice L40X also leads to 20% lower TEWI and 7% lower TCO when compared to R-290.
  • Small, remodeled stores: Solstice L40X (R-455A) leads to 35% lower CAPEX when compared to R-744.

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