Solstice® N40 - A low-GWP retrofit option for R-22, R-404A, R-407A and R-507 systems

Solstice® N40 Is The Right Solution

With the passage of the AIM Act and its GWP based production quotas the availability of R-404A and R-507 is not assured. To avoid any disruption to your operations due to constrained supply, we strongly recommend retrofitting your R-404A and R-507 systems with Solstice® N40 (R-448A) refrigerant.   

Solstice® N40 (R-448A) has a steady stream of supply, has lower GWP and offers energy efficiency over R-404A and R-507 refrigerants.

8 Reasons to retrofit R-404A and R-507 systems with Solstice® N40 (R-448A)
  1. Solstice® N40 is an A1 hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) blend with a much lower GWP, which makes it environmentally preferable compared to R-404A and R-507
  2. Helps meet regulatory requirements and your sustainability goals
  3. Matches capacity of R-404A and R-507
  4. Better efficiency and lower energy usage
  5. Simple retrofit and  maintenance 
  6. Approved by key component OEMs
  7. Operating in more than 60,000 supermarkets globally 
  8. Industry-leading support and distribution
Download Retrofit Guide

Get started with the retrofit process for your R-404A and R-507 systems by downloading the HFC-HFO retrofit guide. You may also reach out to our sales/technical team for more details to help you through the process.

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