Honeywell's team of experts discuss why road performance is much more than elastic recovery (ER) and how Honeywell Titan® adds value. 

Explore Honeywell Titan® to produce better, longer lasting asphalt pavements

Build high-performance pavements that consistently meet specifications for anti-rutting, anti-stripping, fuel resistance and/or warm mix while lowering costs and energy consumption. 

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The asphalt paving industry plays a vital role in supporting road infrastructure and the mobility of people, goods and transport around the world. Choosing the right additives for asphalt modification can have a significant impact on pavement/road performance, cycle-time, energy consumption and costs.

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Asphalt additives to improve pavement performance

Our products can help you reduce water (moisture) damage and rutting while also improving the ease of mixing and paving. Honeywell Titan® also improves the adhesion of the asphalt binder to aggregates which improves pavement durability, and delivers several essential benefits such as:

  • Increase in dynamic modulus
  • Easier compaction and faster paving
  • Excellent fuel resistance
  • Low-carbon solution
  • Cycle-time reduction
  • Greater savings

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