Heat Spreaders

Personalized solutions that offer range, reliability and quality


Increased product reliability and longevity through reduced thermal warping


Customized solutions for design flexibility and operational optimization


Consistently higher thermal performance through range, reliability and quality

Honeywell Advanced Materials offers the Electronics and Semiconductor industries a partnership opportunity for tailor-made Heat Spreaders, designed to each operation’s specifications. Each Heat-Spreader engagement includes a full range of stamping technologies, highly reliable and consistent plating technologies, and a robust quality-management system with ISO 9001 certification.

We work with customers across industries, including electronics, semiconductor and electrical systems.

Improve your operation’s Heat Spreaders and you’ll improve your downstream performance and product reliability.

Decrease Failures and Increase Device Life Expectancy

Your operation is unique, and your Heat Spreaders should be, too. Our team will work with you to customize a solution that is the right fit for every application. We will create a new design or follow yours, building Heat Spreaders to spec.

Honeywell Sets the Pace in Heat-Spreading Technology

Full-Range Stamping Technology Translates to Customized Solutions
We manufacture custom, precision stamped products from coining, high-speed progressive stamping to multi-stage, high tonnage transfer die stamping.
Highly Reliable Plating Technologies Achieve Product Longevity and Brand Recognition
To achieve consistent surface finish, we use continuous Ni plating lines and Au spot plating. This translates into an increased brand reputation for quality products that stand the test of time.
ISO Quality Management Delivers Customer Satisfaction and Better Decision-Making
A process validated with ISO 9001 certification demonstrates a commitment to quality. It also identifies and addresses customer needs more effectively and emphasizes data-driven decision-making and problem-solving.

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