Envision your Impact

Try the Aclar Impact Estimator tool today! 

Aclar®  film delivers the highest moisture barrier, while significantly reducing pack size, waste and carbon emissions, when compared to the same product packaged in Cold Form Foil (CFF). Find out by using a new tool called the “Aclar®  Impact Estimator”.

In this tool, you’ll choose capsule size, number of packs per year, and transportation route from the drop down options. Click calculate and at that moment, you will be transported to the next screen which will show you the first impact of choosing Aclar®  vs CFF.


  • The number of shipping containers of packaging material that can be saved annually
  • Reduction in transportation-related CO2 emissions

and so much more! Be sure to scroll down to see all the impacts based off your choices.

Ultimately, this tool will give you a high level, unique view around the waste reduction that can be achieved by using Aclar® . 

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